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Celebrating 13 Years of the Arranmore Ferry

Arranmore Island has a proud heritage, it’s people, the land and as a gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way. Part of that landscape is the Arranmore Fast Ferry, which is proudly celebrating 13 years of being the ferry connecting Burtonport to Arranmore Island and its people.

Once Upon A Time

13 years ago was the first official sailing of the Arranmore Ferry, with the Realt Na Maidne Fast Ferry. In October of the same year this ferry was backed up by a new addition to the fleet, the Girl Gray, another fast boat. Due to increased demand from the Arranmore Island people, the following winter they diversified and expanded by taking a lease on the MV Bruernish, a roll on/roll off vessel.

This was a successful move for the Arranmore Ferry company and in October 2009 they actually purchased the MV Morvern. It needed a complete refit but the team worked hard to accomplish it and add another ferry to the Arranmore fleet.

Up until Now

The expansion continued, the Renfrew Rose and Yoker Swan were added to the fleet and once they had served their time ferrying the residents of Arranmore on the Burtonport to Arranmore Route they were replaced without the more suitable MV Misneach.

In 2017, the MV Queen of Aran was added to the fleet for the Magheroarty to Tory Island route, expanding the Arranmore Ferry company. In 2020, the Arranmore Ferry fleet expanded once again with the MV Canna, to run alongside the MV Morvern for the Burtonport to Arranmore Route. It’s been an exciting 13 years for the Arranmore Ferry team and those who rely on their services.

As an island family business, Arranmore Island is in their blood, here’s to the next 13 years!

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Arranmore Ferry

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