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Arranmore Ferry Alexa Update

Please note: Our Alexa skill is currently not working while we rebuild our system

We’ve updated the Arranmore Ferry Alexa skill to be more conversational!

We’ve been working on a couple of updates to the Tory Ferry and Arranmore Ferry Alexa skills to make sure that it keeps up with the evolving platform that Amazon have created. You can now start a conversation with Alexa to get the latest times and know when you can get to and from Arranmore Island.

To start a conversation with the ferry.

Alexa, Open Arranmore Ferry

This will start a conversation with the Arranmore Ferry team, you can then ask for the following information.

What time are the next ferries? What are the sailings tomorrow? What time are the ferries today?

I don’t have Alexa

For those without an Alexa device, you can still use the voice assistant by downloading the Android Alexa app or the iOS. Simply login to an Amazon account and start talking to Alexa as if you had one of the echo or for products.

Alexa will give you all the relevant information, completely up to date with the website and Android and iOS apps.

Arranmore Ferry Alexa Skill on the Android Alexa Application We had great fun sneaking an Easter egg into the Alexa skill too. Next Up

Next up we’re going to look at creating a fully featured display version of the skill using the Alexa Presentation Language (APL).

But first we’re getting to work on the latest version of the Blue Ferries mobile apps, we’ll keep you posted when they’re coming out.



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Arranmore Ferry

The Blue Ferry sailing between Arranmore Island and Burtonport

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